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Need a great laser for an upcoming promotion, show, or special event? Kvant high powered laser systems, benifitial rental terms, and great service are just a few clicks away.  This includes sourcing the projector(s) as well as handling FDA variance processes for your show.

Look no further because here at Stone Entertainment we have you covered with the perfect Laser Systems whether you need Laser Projectors for Corporate Events, Professional Sports, Club Lasers, Festival Lasers, Concert Lasers, Party Lasers, or Tours, we have the perfect Laser Rental for YOU! We have all sorts of Laser Light Show Equipment that can produce even the most intricate Laser Effects.

Perfect For Any Occasion  

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Laser Information

Laser Information

There are many creative ways lasers can be used in a production. Most fall into two general categories:

1) Beam/Atmospheric Shows 
2) Animations or Graphic Shows 

With beams, the audience sees “structures” in mid-air, such as fans, cones and shafts of light. Usually fog or haze is required to make the light shapes visible.  The focus of the audience is the laser beams overhead. 

With Graphic shows, the audience sees images as cartoon-like outlines. Images often include characters or images. Laser graphics can display a client’s (or title sponsor's) logo, animate their product, tell a story, or simply entertain. The focus of the audience is on any relatively smooth, light colored surface that is being used to display the show. Conventional projection screens, a wall, water curtains, inflatable screens, buildings, and even mountains have all been used as surfaces to display an animation laser show.

What Kind of laser do we use?

The Kvant Clubmax FB4 Series is next generation full-colour, semiconductor diode laser display system with integrated FB4 control interface. It's stacked with the latest laser technology and some smart features to help you provide the very best laser show on the market. 

Based on the current desires and needs of laser display professionals around the world and of course, our most successful laser system ever, the new Clubmax is set again to be the benchmark for others.


We offer a variety of laser systems to best fit your event !  


What Size Laser Do I Need?

Small Indoor Venue: 1-3 Watts

Medium Indoor/Small Outdoor  Venue: 3-5 Watts

Large Indoor/Medium Outdoor Venue: 6-10 Watts

Large Outdoor Venue: 15-20 Watts



We have a Pricing Guide that gives detailed information about different packages available. Contact us now to receive a copy of the current Price Guide.


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