Projector Mapping

Video Mapping

Technology has come along way from relying on simple par cans or even moving heads to provide the atmosphere needed for any event.

We offer small scale  2D and 3D mapping services to make your event truly one-of-a-kind. These services use existing wall space like a canvas, wall or curtain to add your brand or create a visual experience.

With our projection mapping tools, we can create a display surface on practically any object, no matter the shape.

We turn everyday common objects of different shapes into dynamic video displays for our clients. Whether it be a building facade or the interior of your event space, we will transform it into an interactive presentation.

We also provide general projector usage for conferences, seminars, parties, weddings, sponsored logos, and any other events you may need some visual content. 


Visualize it!

Contact us today and learn more about Video Projections and how incorporate them for your next event!